mitzi-schwarz-profile-photoI wear many hats, and I weave my passion, training and love into a tapestry of gratitude. I am a Hospice Chaplain; Singer and Performer; Jewish Worship Leader and New Thought singer and speaker.  Rabbi Zalman Schachter – Shalomi, may his memory and name always be a blessing, has conferred upon me a Certificate of Empowerment, which states that I’ve “brought beautiful and inspiring Sacred Music to Congregation Makom Ohr Shalom, and I have served them as Accomplished Liturgist – Ba’alat Tfillah”.

Whether I am performing a concert; serving a community as a singer and/or teacher; officiating at the wedding of two beloveds; conducting a funeral service; or serving those at the end of life,  it is my intention to meet people where they are, and serve them with integrity and compassion. The title of my CD is called “Remember Who You Are”, and I believe that we are all unique, precious sparks of life, created B’tzelem Elohim/in G-d’s divine image. Whether I am singing, performing, teaching, or leading a worship service, it is my intention to use the gifts that I’ve been given to touch people in positive, life-affirming ways. Enjoy this website, and if I can be of service to you, reach out and send me an email. I look forward to connecting!

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